Galain Alcarin

Rock and a hard place wait for me

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

Everything I ever did right or wrong

Hid out of sight where I belong

Ghet and Galain: both spirited, wild, restless souls, they made perfect friends. For centuries, that was how it was, a friendship full of laughter and teasing that covered a strong sexual attraction. They were both married to other people, but their best intentions could not keep them apart, one evening when the teasing went too far.

Admitting to love, but unwilling to put his marriage at risk as cavalierly as she did her own, Ghet broke off the relationship, and they submitted to a friendship full of pain and longing.

When Galain's wife was murdered, Ghet was there to hold him, unhesitating. She bonded to him, and lost her own husband. They had a brief time together in the midst of his father Gareth's bloody reign in Alcarinque until they were both captured, and each believed they saw the other die. Ghet was given to Galain's son Avathar to be raped and abused, and it was Y'Roden who rescued her, brought her back from madness, and took care of her until she and Galain found each other again.

When they found An'Thaya was alive, Ghet left him. Galain pursued her, and managed to convince her to agree to be his second wife, something she agreed to only on the condition that she would not give up Y'Roden.

Such an arrangement could not endure. Ghet constantly felt second to An'Thaya, Ro to Galain. But it was Thaya who left Galain first, causing Ghet and Galain to deepen their bond and conceive a child, Aarien, whom they both adore. The family settled in Alcarinque, helping to stabilise the kingdom, and finding peace and security with each other, finally alone together.

But some people are not built for peace.

When S'Hea became ill, so did Ghet. She near-killed herself bringing a recently-divorced Y'Roden back from the dead, badly fracturing her own marriage in the process, as she was forced to face the fact that she and Ro still loved each other.

Finally, she had to make the decision she'd hidden from for centuries. Ghet divorced Galain, and married Y'Roden. She still  loves Galain, and she always will, though she carries a heavy burden of guilt for the pain she has put him through. They maintain a civil relationship for the sake of their young daughter, and Ghet will always worry about him and fear for the path his future might hold.

Hallowe'en Party - Lovers

Venus - Last Days of Pompeii

Ghet and Galain's Wedding - Ringė

The First Cracks - Shattered Web

The Collaring - The Silver Dryad

(N.B. Adult Content)

Ghet and 'Lain - The Keep

(N.B. Adult Content)

Aarien's Conception - Ghet's Cottage

Goodbye - Scorched Earth

Last to Know

Neil Finn

Way down the track, made the wrong turn
Finished up where I started
You noticed a change come over me
Fell in love with my own reflection yeah
How does it feel beneath your own wheel
Feels like an accident waking up
Under a bus with my fingers crossed
Now is the time we could make it up
So you lost the fear it wasn't that bad
Left to your own devices yeah
Still a young girl eyes the clock
Tick like a motor running out
Magnets and words up on the fridge
Speak to the poet in all of us
I missed the page that you thought about
Drew in the frost on the windowpane
But who I wonder could fail to notice
The aching silence came down
I'm humble now
I hope you might come back
In your own time
Left to your own devices
And so, that's how it goes
Never the first
Always the last to know.