The Collaring

"Wait," she said, her voice small. "If we're going to do this properly..."

When it appeared in her hands it looked perhaps like a heavy metal torc, except the inner edge was slightly padded, and there was a metal ring attached to it. She undid the catch and opened it out, then she held it out to him.

Christian had been the only one she'd let collar her before, and he'd betrayed her, broken the vows he'd made to care for her. There was no question Galain would look after her, treasure her. The question was, was she about to completely freak him out. A collar could be as significant and binding as a wedding ring. "Only if you want to," she said quietly. "I will completely understand if you don't want me to wear it."

Galain took the torc and eyed it, and then he eyed his wife. There was no question that he was aroused by what was transpiring here and he brushed one side of her face with a thumb. He never said a word. Instead he simply leaned in and kissed her and when he drew away the collar was snugly around her neck. He pressed the catch closed with a click and looked intently into her eyes.

"This would be new," he stated honestly. running a finger along the metal.

Ghet gave a little whimper, her back arching up off the bed as the collar snapped into place. Her breathing was short and shaky as he ran his fingers over it, the symbol of her utter physical submission to him. "New," she managed to say. "New is good, right? And like all the best new toys, it comes with all kinds of fun little attachments. Oh, and I can't take it off. Only you can. Your mind's just dancing with possibilities now, isn't it?"

Her tone, though shaky, was light, but underneath... they both understood. They could laugh about it, but it went deep, what they'd done.

Galain was more than aware of what they'd just done in the simple act of putting that collar on. His breath rattled in his throat when she arched to him. He stared raptly at her as she spoke.

"New is good," he repeated softly. Attachments? He stared at the little ring and touched it softly. Attachments. Well all righty. But when she mentioned that she couldn't take it off, that only he could he sank down a bit.

"My gods," he said. "Oh my gods." He gave her a sly little smile. "This is... oh my gods." His mind was indeed dancing around. Madly. "Show me these attachments?" He asked, more than a little curious.

Ghet grinned a little shakily. "Now, if I could take it off, where would the fun be? Once it's been closed, it only opens for the same thumbprint. So if you wanted to leave me in it, there'd be nothing I could do about it. And you can clip just about anything on here. What do you want, lead, wrist-mannacles, these two little chains that come down and clamp on hard, here..." She took his hands, and kissed the palms, knowing there was a whole new world they could explore between them, and there was no rush at all.

His head was spinning and her kisses on his palms calmed him down. This was their path together and the sheer delight of traipsing down it hand in hand had the elf feeling more than a little giddy. He kissed her and then drew back, touching the collar again. She didn't have to do this for him, not at all. But the very act, the very suggestion of what this collar meant took his breath away.

"The lead first," he said.

Ghet would have laughed her head off if she'd realised he thought she was doing this for him. Yes, she could be self-sacrificing, but not right now. This was... oh yes, this was something she very much wanted.

The lead she produced was black leather and about four feet long. She handed it to him with a barely-suppressed shiver, craning her head back so he could attach it easily. Those little clamps, though... okay, now she needed a good slapping to clear her head. Or possibly fog it up some more.

Galain paused a moment and suddenly laughed.

"You're enjoying this more than me," he observed before he clipped the lead on. He wound the end around his wrist and pulled tightly, kissing Ghetsuhm hungrily, his body definitely displaying just how much he was actually enjoying this.

He yanked on the lead suddenly and broke away from the kiss, eyeing his wife.

"Well now I've got you," he drawled.

Ghet grinned savagely. "You'll get no argument from me. Obviously." Then she was being jerked around on the end of the lead and trying to get some kind of control over the intensity of her response. She arched her body so she hung from the collar and lead, though she couldn't help but rub herself a little against his hardness. There was a slight constriction on her breathing with her head on this angle, and it was delightful.

"So you have," she gasped, her eyes heavy-lidded with arousal. "What are you going to do with me now?" She was desperately hoping the answer wasn't 'wander off and leave you here', 'cause she'd probably explode.

Oh gods... Galain was realizing at last the intensity their relationship and marriage had reached. She wasn't arguing, she wasn't fighting. She was enjoying. He jerked the lead again, noted how Ghetsuhm tried to gain control and whispered into her ear.

"You gave me this control. I won't kill you. You know that. I--" He shut up and watched her body arch, hanging as she was. He gripped the lead harder and let out his own cry. He was so hard he wanted to scream with desire.

"It's not enough," he said with surprise and held forward his hand. He was a quick learner. "Clamps," He said quietly. He kept thinking of braces, but clamps were good. So good. He eyed her and laughed suddenly, surprised. "You'd wear this thing everywhere?" He was curious, intrigued, wanting to know. Prurient? Perhaps.

"Well hells, I'm going to love you of course. My gods." His wife was his slave. He dropped into her suddenly and then withdrew, sucking in his pain.

Ghet's head was spinning. Her body was still shaking with the pleasure he'd given her, and the beating - every couple of minutes, her whole form would twitch, her nerves still trying to process the intense sensations. When he licked at her, she gave a long, quiet moan. Her soul twined with his, in beatific disbelief.

She reached over and stroked his hair. There was blood in it. He was her Master now, as much as he was her husband and her bondmate and her lover. She could not have been happier.

She caught his gaze, and after a moment, she flushed, tears threatening. "I wouldn't have minded if... you know, if you hadn't wanted to. It wouldn't have worked for me if it didn't work for you. But I'm so happy you did." One of her hands had moved to stroke his thigh idly. "You really want me to wear it... out? People will ask questions."

"Don't cry," he said softly. "We are together. Your soul is my soul and my soul is your soul. What works for one, works for the other. Yes?" He was all gentleness now and kissed her again and again.

"I would love for you to wear it... out. But I don't want to create discomfort. Of course we usually manage to raise eyebrows anyways. I -- won't play Master on this question. What do you want, love?"

She thought for a moment. It was important enough that she should actually stop and think. "It's a trade. My trust for your care. But it depends on us working together well enough so that you can feel you know what I would want. See? So if it's complicated, we need to sort it out."

She thought hard about all the possible scenarios. "I would be proud to wear it. Most people won't understand what it means. They'll ask. You may get some confused or even slightly ugly feedback. 'Hey you beat your wife' feedback. Now, I can take it if you can. People are going to think I'm insane, but they do that anyway."

Galain listened and considered -- it was a trade and he gleaned as much. So much trust had been required just for Ghetsuhm to produce that collar and let him place it on her. His heart skipped a few beats as he remembered putting the thing on and the reaction she'd had. Her trust for his care. His very careful, gentle, loving care. Would anyone understand or care to understand that what he and she did? Few probably would. A growl rose in his throat and he bit it back.

"Ghetsuhm, I'm your husband. If I'm not working with you I'm pretty worthless. How complicated can it be? Unless there are things I need to know? And I want to know. This is new for me." He arched an eyebrow and looked at her. He touched the collar now with his fingers and chuckled before she could answer.

"Please wear it. I might let you take it off sometime, but do wear it. We've never failed to raise eyebrows before or earn confused or ugly feedback. We take it together and we grin like fiends. Besides, you have free rein to beat me back any time. You're my wife, my partner, my battle buddy, my... bosom buddy even." At that point he nuzzled her breasts, laughing against her soft skin.

Ghet wound her fingers in his hair and kissed the top of his head as his mouth teased her breasts. She loved him so much, he had always been so good to her. The thought of someone criticising him always made her a bit... cranky. "Then I'll wear it, and with pleasure. And damn them. This is our love, not theirs."

She sighed. There were things in her past she needed to deal with now. "It's... it's not new for me. You know that. But it is new, because it's us. We'll find out what works for us, and by the gods it'll be a fun process. It won't be the same as it was for me with Christian, and for that, I'm very grateful." She shook her head, though from his current position he couldn't see it. "Never worthless, anarnya. Never. The centre of my universe, yes. I was always a little afraid when I was with him. You would never hurt me like he did. And..." She frowned, trying to find exactly the right words. "There's a difference between... taking pleasure from hurting me, and taking pleasure in the pleasure I take from being hurt. He wanted to make me suffer. The fact that I enjoy being beaten, cut, broken... that was just a tool to get me to do what he wanted."

She lowered a hand to stroke across his back. "And you never know, I might be persuaded to beat you back sometimes."