'Lain and Ghet


Since she first saw him, Ghet has found her husband's dragon form alluring, tapping into her love of beauty and her deep curiosity.  They've always been fond of each other, even joined in teasing Galain, but Ghet had always considered anything more between them simply impossible.  Until suddenly it wasn't...

Very soft. Very beautifully bare , 'Lain observed. Of course he was stating the obvious, but he'd always been in a playful mood around Ghetsuhm, more of a worshipping dog with an immense fondness for his elf's mate. Tonight he felt a subtle shift and wondered what was in the air -- besides his smoke. He sent an inquiring note to Galain who merely gave him the equivalent of a mental wave. The elf seemed to be grinning like a mad fool and that confounded the dragon for a moment before he gave the elf a mental smack and returned his attention to the naked little delight between his forelegs.

Okay, that's perfect. That's amazing... I -- you have an itch. You have a scratch. Where is it? I'm at your service , 'Lain said suddenly, nudging at Ghetsuhm with his muzzle, one eye taking in every voluptuous curve with concern and immense interest.

During her time as an anthropologist and a diplomat, Ghet had on occasion smoked or otherwise ingested a number of "ritual" substances. She was quite sure the dragon smoke was making her feel a little stoned. She'd always harboured inappropriate feelings for 'Lain, and she'd always considered that kind of insane. He was a dragon, after all, and, well, if things got too heated, surely he'd either crush her or eat her. But... there was something in his eyes now that went beyond the laughing flirtation they'd had before. She stared, curious, until his tongue traced its way across her skin, when she closed her eyes and just felt.

She breathed in deeply again and sighed. "You're beautiful too, you know. Not soft, but... lovely. Precious." Her hand moved to trace the lines of his face, his jaw and ear. Could she? Could she cross that line? Her body trembled just a little. "I like it when you lick me. It feels... good."

It does, eh? It's more than a lick you know. It's a kiss. It's how we dragons kiss, 'Lain replied, licking Ghetsuhm's skin again, very gently, lingering between her breasts before delicately tracing downward to her stomach and then -- back up. Mischief was in those faceted eyes of his. The dragon shifted and for a moment it seemed he wasn't as large as he was as he let her touch his face. His ear twitched and his tongue flickered out again, slipping all the down her body to tease and tantalize.

"Then I like it when you kiss me," Ghet breathed, her eyes slowly closing as he worked his way down her body. The touch of his tongue on her flesh was different from anything she'd experienced before: a little odd, but she liked it. It didn't matter what he was, she realised, or what she was, what mattered was what they felt. It probably mattered a little too that she survived the experiment, and she was kind of relieved when she thought she felt him get a little smaller.

Everywhere she touched him, he was hard, scaled and unyielding. It wasn't unpleasant, just different. Except his wings. The muscles that drove them so strong, but there was an odd delicacy in the membranes, even in the bones... and then his exploration of her body got a little more serious and her hands faltered, a deep moan shaking her frame. Oh gods... there... She brushed hesitantly against his mind, a little awed by the differences, but also... seeking some trace of her mate. This was the weirdest thing, and she didn't want to anger him.

Anger was the furthest thing from Galain's mind. Usually he lurked at the outermost edges of 'Lain's consciousness when the dragon was in control. He too thoroughly enjoyed the freshness of the dragon's perspective on life, the way he played, the way he thought and the way he simply dove into things with a wild gusto. He knew the dragon liked Ghetsuhm. 'Lain had an appreciative eye for forms of beauty and Ghetsuhm surely possessed such a form.

No, he was intensely curious, accepting of what his wife wanted. He had two fabulously amazing and complex women in his life and while there was always that wild streak of jealousy lurking within him, he also wanted them happy and fulfilled. Besides, in the morning he could tease her relentlessly and there were t-shirts and coffee mugs he wanted to get her now. He sent a flare of warning to 'Lain though. One careless move and... it would get weird and very suddenly.

'Lain let Ghetsuhm touch his mind, knowing she sensed himself and the elf. He never stopped his tongue's exploration though and a rumble escaped him as he gently moved his body and shifted into a far more manageable size. It would never do to crush the delicate frame that had him so mesmerized.

You taste good, he said suddenly and then blew another ring of smoke out as he laughed. Not to eat. Not that way. You taste good. He wrapped his body around hers, wings outstretched and his tail slithering around her legs. He teased her with that appendage now, sensing her definite weakness in that general area of pleasure.

Ghet blushed, though there was rather a lot of blood tearing round her body right now and it was hard to tell. Her husband's amusement warmed her soul and let the last of her doubts go. Laughing lightly, she raised her head and rubbed it against his neck, sinking back with a groan as his tail ran over her legs, teasing. Her body rose towards his, sensing rather than seeing that he'd changed size again.

Her hand slipped lower on his belly, tentative but determined, growing surer as she came to know his body. "I'm glad you don't want to eat me," she murmured. "Like that. I'm glad your not going to eat me. Probably." Actually, it was quite nice feeling like prey, but she was happy to leave things the way they were. Something had them both almost hypnotised, and she didn't want to break the spell.

Oh I might take a bite or two, you do taste rather delightful. Small bites, I promise. 'Lain was laughing again, a rumbling sound that filled the expanse of the room. He was quite awakened by her touch and he stretched his wings as far as they could go. He wanted to drag her upward in flight and join with her that way, but caution prevented that at the moment. The dragon let out a purr of sorts when she rubbed her head against his neck and then sank back. His eyes glittered as he gaved over her form and he let out a rattling hiss as his tail explored her now, probing where his tongue had been.

One foreclaw gripped Ghetsuhm's shoulder, drawing tiny beads of blood. The scent was intoxicating and he let out a low growl, hungry to be inside this maddening creature. He shifted his body and felt one particular part of his body grow. A wild grin decorated the dragon's face as he caught Ghetsuhm's gaze. Before either could think or speak he pushed her totally back and then over, taking her from behind, pinning her down with his foreclaws, his back feet straddling her legs. A wild roar erupted from him as his curiosity and awakened passion joined in one deep instinct. His tongue lathed her body as his body bore down into her. It was at once rough and tender and he had her rolled onto her back, taking her again.

We have to fly. I have to fly. I won't let you go. But I must fly. He was begging and telling simultaneously, fighting to keep his intelligence and consciousness uppermost.

Ghet's chuckle was a little ragged. Oh, you can take all the bites you want. I really don't mind. I'm going to scream. Don't be alarmed.

Then she gave herself up to him, glorying in his necessarily rough treatment of her. She did scream when his claws dug into her shoulder, but it wasn't the kind of scream that implied any kind of distress. Her breath caught when he rolled her and took her, she could hardly move with his weight on her, and it was glorious. She had wondered, idly, over the years, what it would be like, and she wasn't at all disappointed as his body tore into hers. When he rolled her back she was shaking with passion and arousal. She shuddered as his tongue ran over her flesh, whimpering.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and nodded. I trust you. Fly me.

'Lain didn't need to be told twice and had them out on the balcony in the blink of an eye. His powerful back legs launched them into the air and with a wild roar the dragon and Ghetsuhm shot upward, aiming for the starry skies above before plummeting downward. It was a mating flight designed to develop trust and arousal although both were already plunged deeply into the erotic nature of their joining. With each beat of his wings 'Lain drove his body into Ghetsuhm's, mindless of how close they came to the ground each time they dove downward.

When they finally returned to the balcony both were slick with blood and covered in each other's scent. The dragon had grown to his full size again and gazed down into Ghetsuhm's eyes, the facet eyes tender as his tongue flicked over her skin yet again. Amusement was there too.

Our mating has marked you , he said, nosing at the small golden dragon that had appearead on her skin.

Ghet lay on the balcony and gasped for air. It seemed she'd left her brain at the apex of one of their swoops and it was still trying to find its way back. When it got there, it would find a body riven with pain and still shaking with profound pleasure. She had clung to him while they flew, lost all sense of where they were, muffled her screams against his shoulder as her body arched and spent.

She rolled onto her side and curled against 'Lain's now-massive form. He made her feel tiny and defenseless, and, well, like prey. These were all feelings she rather enjoyed. They were also only physical: in her mind she completely trusted him, knew that while he could hurt her terribly he never would. Knew they were equals despite all their rather obvious differences. She met his gaze with wonder, and the deep pleasure of discovery. To say it was a 'long time' since she'd last taken a new mate would be putting it mildly. She had been raised not to consider species or culture a barrier to respect, understanding, love... Love? It was too soon for love. Fondness, affection, lust, yes, and laughter, which was necessary for her to form any kind of bond.

She grinned, stretched a little, listening to her body's languid complaint, and then finally, she worked out what he'd said. Marked? If she twisted (something she was good at) she could just see it. Right in the very small of her back, a little gold dragon, grinning, its head lowered and its tongue lapping at her right buttock. She laughed, delighted. It's lovely. Thank you. Laughingly, she licked at his face, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him.

She didn't know what would happen now. She knew she wasn't going to get any less fond of 'Lain. She knew this was an experience she would want to repeat. She was wary, though, of looking too far into the future. Too many things had happened to her that could never have been predicted, that had threatened to destroy all her happiness. So she just settled tiredly around 'Lain and sighed, content for now.

I like it. It's totally appropriate you know... and you're welcome, 'Lain had replied. surprised to see the marking, but not unhappy. He was truly fond of her. Was shaken by her. Was amazed by her. If he could have blushed he would have when Ghetsuhm licked at his face and then hugged him. He whuffled into her air, letting out a low growling moan before he settled and nuzzled her. There was a poking deep within him and he knew it was from a flabbergasted but not unhappy elf. The dragon did the equivalent of turning off the lights on Galain before he wrapped himself protectively around Ghetsuhm and let sleep steel over him. Morning's light would find the elf wound just as tightly around his wife, a silly grin on his face.