Galain's Stories

Ghet and Galain's Wedding


Venus smiled gently as she drew her power about her. They were so funny, the way they couldn't stop looking at each other. She reached out and placed her hands over theirs for a moment. "From this moment, it will all be different." She let her glory slip just for a moment, and winked at Galain. "Last chance to run away and spend the rest of your life being hunted down. We do a great line in relentless pursuit."

Then she let go and drew back, regal and beautiful. "At this time, and in this place, you have both chosen to affirm your love for each other, to make a commitment to each other that the world cannot mistake. Love, however, cannot be promised; it comes of its own accord and may leave just as unstoppably. The future cannot be seen clearly. So I will not ask you to make promises to each other, vows that might, through no fault, prove impossible to keep. That is the challenge you must have the courage to face: to have the strength to love anyway, with no guarantees, to give all of yourselves with no certainty of return. You are not children, not innocents, you both know the terrible pain that love can bring. And still you choose this, for you also know its joy.

"So I will ask you, to speak to each other of what is in your heart at this moment, to say the things that sometimes get lost in the rush of living." She reached out again and stroked Ghet's hair, an oddly maternal gesture. "Ghetsuhm, filia, will you go first?" 

Ghet was quite sure it would have been impossible for her to let go of Galain's hand. It seemed ridiculous that she was so nervous. She had to do this, though: they spent so much of their time either in the depths of some terrible crisis, or romping like a couple of puppies in a paddock, that there was seldom place or time to say the really important things.

She took a deep breath, knowing he would understand her hesitation, knowing he was no calmer than she was. When she began her voice was a little shaky, but as she spoke it gathered strength and certainty. "When you first told me you loved me, I don't think I really believed you. It just didn't seem possible. I'd looked up to you for so long... When I tried to leave you, I really didn't think you'd care that much, past not getting something you wanted. I didn't know, that it was too late to go back, that even if I walked away, some essential part of me would stay with you. So many things I did, the way I did them, because I didn't believe myself worthy of you. I could not make myself believe that, able to choose freely, you would choose me."

Though her eyes shone, her gaze was firm, and through it showed something new, the treasure ground out of her pain. "I was wrong, and I wronged you to think that way. I am worth you, I am worthy to stand at your side. I belong beside you. You are the only one who has been able to love me for who I am, who hasn't tried to protect me unduly, who hasn't been afraid for me to be strong, to be myself. I spent so long being what men wanted me to be, being some part of myself with one, another part with another... with you, I can be absolutely, entirely me. I belong to you, am bound to you, more completely than ever before, and yet I am free.

"Galain... you make me so happy. You've taught me so much, made me so much stronger. I'm finished with doubt, with worrying about what others might think. Do you know how circumspect we have been, how "considerate"? I love you. I thought I knew what that meant, but what I share with you, is so far beyond anything I've known before... I love you, and I will never apologise for that. It's a miracle that I have you. You are everything, everything that I could ever dream of wanting." She smiled, so hard her jaw ached fighting back the tears. "It just keeps getting better." 

It will all be different. Those words echoed in Galain’s mind and he found himself lost in the swirling pleasure of Ghet’s words. He’d grinned back at Venus. He had absolutely no intention of running. He’d avoided marriage all his life, then he’d finally seen reason in the past centuries. Sweet reason.

Well the elf’s eyes had a suspicious sparkle to them and he remained utterly still. They were telling each other things they needed to say, to share, to know. To know that they’d actually been spoken aloud. No promises, no vows… just telling each other how precious they were to each other. He knew that loving could bring pain, but gods he welcomed it. There was simply too much joy to be had.

Yes, Galain understood Ghetsuhm’s hesitation. And when she spoke he fell into her words, drowned in them and soaked them in. He gave a quick look at Venus, then stared back at Ghet and impulsively drew her tightly to him and kissed her.

“My most beautiful love. My wife, my bondmate, my soul and my Lady.” He went quiet a moment.

“I love you. I have for a very long time – a long time even for an elf.” He smiled, but didn’t lose his gaze on Ghetsuhm’s face.

“You are so precious to me. It’s a funny thing – not in the traditional sense of funny of course.. but I remember seeing you for the first time and thinking, ‘Wow!’ It wasn’t the most deep thought and you’ve received that particular exclamation so many times…” Galain had to chuckle here and give her a rueful look.

“But that damn ‘wow’ stuck with me. And when I thought you couldn’t and wouldn’t be mine… when I realized that a simple tumble in the hay wouldn’t be enough… I felt this damnable loss. I realized there was something so immense about your soul and your being and you. And then I couldn’t even get a tumble out of you. It was the weirdest thing. I wanted you, I loved you, I ached for you, but I buried it all. There were others on your mind and in your heart and when you called me ‘uncle’… well, I’ve told you what I felt. At the same time I was pleased beyond belief to have you as part of me in some way, even if only by a simple bit of paper.”

Galain was a good babbler, but he was simply pouring out what was in his heart. He took a breath and suddenly leaned back into Ghet and kissed that little sensitive spot between shoulder and neck before he drew back.

“I won’t detail the past… the opportunities, the disappointments, the other things. We’ve had a hell of a time. But love… I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love you. I love who you are, who you have been. I love what you will be though I don’t even know what that is. I marvel that you want anything to do with me, but I’m not so stupid to turn away. I take you into my arms, soul and heart with the joy you are. The golden rose above our hearts is a physical sign of how much we belong beside each other – that our souls are truly one. I want you at my side.”

Damn it. A tear slipped down his face.

“Ghetsuhm. I love you as you are. I love what you are. I… get lost in your soul. I get so lost and I’m so happy when I am. I want you, I lust for you, I love you, I need you.”

He wanted to say more. But the tears were running down his face and he was grinning stupidly.

“I love you. I love you in all ways, in all times. You are more than worthy, you are so strong, you are You. That’s all I want. You. You’re my Ghet. But you’re… Well hell. You’re you. And I’m getting trite so can I just kiss you again?”

He did, pulling gently at her lower lip before he pulled away again. He tapped her cheek lightly. “You’re gonna cry,” he teased her gently.