"And as for Ghet....  That's a rather long and complicated story. Actually, it was a rather quick and easy story..... but that's beside the point."



Well, she never claimed to be a good girl, now did she.  When she married, Ghet lined up 127 glasses on her bar.  Here are a few of the highlights.


Christian Karel

Ghetsuhm's first commanding officer when she was a Starfleet ensign.  They had a relationship many might consider "disfunctional", though it worked well for them.  He was a sadist, she turned out to be quite a happy little masochist, even at the point where she was requiring reconstructive surgery.  Despite moving on during her career, she went back to Christian over and over again, and it was him she asked to perform her wedding, as the most powerful test she could devise for herself.

Darkness Invisible

(NB: adult content)


Maeve MacDermot

Ghet met Maeve on Arlsyn during Kusanar Tanaii, and they hit it off immediately. Given she'd made a bet with Galain that they'd both stay celibate, Maeve was simply too great a temptation to pass up. 




Let's call it a ship-board romance, shall we?  Yeah.

"There's no pressure, love. No, wait, that's a complete lie. You're gorgeous, and I'm going to get you sooner or later, so you may as well give in now. I've been turned down once already, and I'm not about to let it happen again if I can help it." People often said Ghetsuhm wasn't like other girls, and it was true.  Ghetsuhm was like Uncle Galain.




Look, it wasn't her fault.  It was snowing, and they were in a barn.  What was she supposed to do with an eight foot Shroudling?  Even if he was an ex-lover of her cousin Shadow's.

"Hope the others found a place to wait this out." He said, closing the door and turning back to Ghetsuhm. "Those clothes..." he cleared his throat, "becomes you." he said, admiring her form and the way they stuck to her skin from the wetness. "You must be frozen, lets see if we can get you warmed up, shall we?" He asked, raising one eyebrow as a boyish grin spread across his face.  Ghetsuhm smiled at Xavyer. My, but he was galant. And there was something about that boyish grin that just went straight past all her defenses. Or would have, if she had any.




Ghet spent a few years having a rather embarrassing crush on her aunt Enchanted's adopted brother Grannon, to the point where she named a string of pet squirrels after him.  But there was this one time she gave him this sea-sickness cure with unfortunate side-effects...

Ghet was torn. On the one hand, she had a prince, in a soaking wet, now totally transparent white shirt. On the other hand, she had Grannon, in a state she was probably never likely to see again. She dithered. Then she fretted. Then she fell to the deck. "It's not fair, damn it, it's just not fair!" She began to sob. 




Erm, yes.  Grand  Inquisitors visiting beauty pagents should stay out of  the jacuzzi.  Another man prepared to leave bruises in the desired manner...

She led Mark over to the elevators, slamming him up against the wall as soon as the doors closed. She bit his chest hungrily. "I thought I might never see you again," she muttered, not sure if he could hear her. 



Y'roden.  Hell.  Probably other people spotted first that a friendship between Ghetsuhm and Y'roden could only end one way.  She was sure she could do it, right up until she slept with him. It's a relationship that has been through many phases, but never faded.  

What seemed an eternity of desire and unexpressed emotion came tumbling together, if it is ever possible to be both rough and tender at once the Prince of Corin managed it. A bittersweet surge of joy was his in knowing Ghet belonged to him for just this short time, he took what she was willing to give with a hunger he had never felt before.


Uncle Galain 

Funny, Ghet adopted Galain as her uncle specifically to avoid finding herself in bed with him like every other woman who crossed his path.  She could not believe that he would value her as more than a brief diversion.  That wasn't quite how it worked out.

And Ghet? She was utterly unforgettable. One night of sweet comfort. One night of “what could be”. One night of “Oh gods, is this it?”  And then nothing more. Nothing more except her total commitment to another man.

I don’t want you taking on any more guilt, understand? So I’ll take it.

Galain groaned again. No more time for thinking. No more time for guilt. It was time to just be. He loved this woman, no matter how beyond his reach she was.



All in all, this kind of thing can get a girl a reputation...

"I sorta feel sorry for whoever's waitin' this out with Ghetsuhm." Marion leaned up against someone sleeping nearby and began playing with her hair to pass the time. "They're going to be very tired after this, I think." The odds were slightly in favor of Ghet being stuck with a guy, and so long as it wasn't Merry, the odds were very infavor of hay displacement.


...and lead to the odd, er, misunderstanding...

“What was I supposed to do? Walk up to you on your wedding day and say, ‘Oh by the way, I slept with your wife and it was reaaaaal good… yeah… what a woman you’re marrying.’”