Background Stories

Darkness Invisible

This story takes place when Ghet was 21, on her first posting, aboard the U.S.S. Rutherford, commanded by Captain Christian Karel.

Ghet was nervous, though it didn't show at all.  Her face was the same as always; calm, a hint of a smile, a gleam in the eye.  It was a practised mask and one she would not be giving up in a hurry.  No-one would guess the Ensign was waiting to see her Captain with no idea what he wanted her for.  She'd seen him around the ship, of course, the Rutherford only held a crew of 250, and they'd exchanged pleasantries a couple of times, but why she should have attracted his personal attention now was beyond her.

She was expecting a junior officer to show her into his ready room, but he came out himself.  There was no-one else there.  That seemed odd, but what did she know.  This was her first posting, she was still getting used to the way things worked on a real ship.  There were things she did know about, though, and there was a tension here, something in the way he looked at her.  Assessing.

He took her into his room, showed her a seat, and then he sat, on the front edge of his desk, legs stretched out in front of him.  "Ghetsuhm," he said, glancing at a PADD on his desk she assumed contained her file.  "That's an unsual name."

"Yes, sir.  It always has been."

Karel looked up, and she thought she saw an amused gleam in his eye.  "Well, Ensign Riker, I've asked you to come and have a little talk with me, because I've received complaints about your behaviour towards other crew-members."

She was startled, and it showed.  "Really?  I don't know why.  I thought I was getting on well with the others."

This time she really did see him grin, briefly.  "I think that may be the problem.  You're getting on rather too well with the others.  Would you care to estimate how many members of the crew you've slept with since you came aboard?"

Her eyes flashed, defiance quickly curbed.  "No, sir, I would not.  I can assure you, though, that I have not broken any of the regulations in regard to fraternisation.  I have not been involved with anyone in my chain of command."

She sensed it again, a flash of more than professional interest.  He gave a deprecating smile.  "It's nice to know some people have that luxury.  After all, everyone's part of my chain of command.  And you're thinking I have no right to be asking you such personal questions.  Don't worry, this isn't a censure, I'm just interested in my crew's morale.  And there have been rumours of conflict between crew members, duty rosters interfered with, arguments, even one fist-fight, that all seem to come back to you.  Not directly your fault, but I doubt that they'd have happened if you were a little more... circumspect in your appetites."

Ghet blushed, looked down at her hands, and thought.  He was probably right.  She'd had the same problem at the Academy: it was like trouble just radiated from her in a cloud.  She nodded, and looked back at him.  She was suprised at the intensity of the gaze he'd turned on her.  His eyes were very dark; were they actually black?  "You may be right.  I'll try to be a bit more considered in future.  I have to say, I appreciate you taking this approach with me.  I doubt many captains would be this considerate."

He chuckled.  "Well, I may pay more attention than most.  I'm empathic, you know.  A ship full of unhappy crew members is a personal pain in the head, just here.  So perhaps it's not as alturistic as it seems."  He stood, and held out a hand to help her up, which she took after a moment of startled confusion.  "Besides, it's not really your fault.  I doubt many women with your... advantages would deny themselves what's just offered to them on a plate."

She flushed, and turned away, but he kept hold of her hand.  "I don't think I know what you mean."

He held her tighter, his grip starting to hurt her fingers.  "I think you do.  You're beautiful, and you just radiate sex.  The signal you give out is that you're available, for pretty much anything.  And I think that's about right, don't you?"

He twisted her arm, making her cry out, and pushed her between himself and the desk.  His other hand twisted in her jaw-length hair, and he kissed her, hard, bruising her lips.  She fought, but at the same time, to her shame, she liked it.  The more he hurt her, the more she liked it, and when his hand fought its way up under her shirt, it found her nipples tight and hard with arousal.  He laughed against her mouth and pulled away a little, grinning savagely when her body leaned towards his.  "I thought so.  You're just made that way, aren't you, Ghetsuhm?"

He pulled her shirt right off, and held her gaze while he cupped her breast, and then twisted, hard.  She screamed, but she didn't pull away.  What was left of her mind beat at her, trying to make her stop.  How could she like this?  How could she find pleasure, and she couldn't deny she did, in being hurt and humiliated?  She whimpered when his hand forced its way into her pants, shamed that he found her so wet and ready.

He pushed her to the floor, and stood over her while he stripped.  She didn't know what would happen if she tried to run, and she wasn't sure she wanted to, either.  He was strong, broadly muscled, the same merciless strength in his body that she saw in his face, implaccable.  And he was hard, and huge.  She trembled with fear, and desire.

Then he stopped, and just stood over her.  He wouldn't rape her.  "Take your clothes off.  And open your legs."

Ghet was near tears as she did as she was told.  She struggled out of her boots and pants, turning her head away as her thighs parted and she displayed herself to him.  She closed her eyes, and then her head rocked to a stunning blow to her cheek.  "Look at me!  I'll tell you when you can look away, bitch!"  She opened her eyes and saw him grinning at her.  "Good.  Good girl.  You can have a little reward."

He lowered his head, and his tongue teased between her thighs, tasting her, and sending spirals of pleasure right through her body.  She moaned, her back arching though pain still throbbed in her cheekbone.  He kissed his way up her stomach, licking at her skin, then bit hard into her breast.  The pain was just pleasure now, there was no difference.  And it was pleasure deeper and more savage than she'd ever felt before.

He kissed her mouth, and she felt his hot hard flesh pushing against her.  She moved against him, needy.  He pulled his mouth away and waited for her eyes to open again.  "Ask for it."

She wriggled, embarrassed but helpless in the face of her own need.  "Please."

"Please what?"  He pushed towards her, teasing her entrance, then pulled away.

Ghet sobbed.  He wouldn't let her look away.  She gave in then, to them both, to his demands and the deep hunger in herself.  "Hurt me."

He groaned, her words firing him, and entered her with one hard thrust.  It hurt, and it was exactly what she wanted.  He took her arms and pinned them over her head, holding her helpless while he took her.  HIs grip was painfully tight, then he shifted to hold both her fine wrists with one hand while the other wrapped around her throat. It was more than she could stand, and her body broke in shuddering release under him.  His head went back, his grip slackening as he filled her body.

She lay for a moment in the aftermath, gasping for breath, her lungs screaming.  Then he rolled off her and away, and she found him staring at her, smug and victorious.  "This is just the beginning," he told her.  "We're only getting started.  I'll do far worse things to you yet, and you'll love it.  Right now you're bruising up: this time you should go to the medbay, but in future I'll teach you how to heal yourself.  Can't have people asking too many questions.  You never speak of what we do.  You come when I call for you, go where I tell you to go.  And grow your hair long, it's too short."

He dressed, his gaze mocking on her.  "I'll go now.  You leave in ten minutes.  It'll take you a while to get yourself together, and you'll need to think of a convincing story to cover your injuries."  He grinned savagely.  "Goodbye, Ghetsuhm.  Until next time."

When the door shut behind him, she curled into a little ball and wept.  He was her captain.  She would never escape him.  She hurt everywhere, her wrists were puffy, her face was numb, and her throat burned.  Even as she drew her aching body up and put her clothes back on, she knew: she would do everything he told her to.  She belonged to him now.