Friends and Family

Since coming to Berelath, Ghetsuhm has made many friends, and adopted a second family, whom she regards with far more affection than her first.  Here are some of them.



He was always, first and foremost, her friend.  There was no other way they could have survived without bitterness.  When it was time to get drunk and compare techniques, there they were...  There is bitterness and pain since their divorce, but Ghet still cares for and loves him deeply and is concerned for his welfare. She hopes, though she has no confidence in it, that one day they can go back to being friends.



Y'Roden's sister and Callan's wife. For several years, Ghet and An'Thaya were completely estranged, the strain around Galain simply too much to take. Both time and Ghet's remarriage have made a remarkable difference. It doesn't hurt that Ghet and Callan have always got on well - but not too well.

Ghet and An'Thaya



When it comes to really, seriously causing utter chaos, Foxx is it, which is why Ghetsuhm likes her so much.  Years spent Musketelving and causing trouble at family parties have given Foxx a special place in Ghet's heart.  Her special place in Ghet's son Marius' heart is another, more complicated, matter.

Ghet and Foxx



Wife of Ghet's *cough* old friend Bran, and Galain's adopted sister.  Mira and Ghet share a taste for leather and a certain lack of inhibition, a surface wildness and a deep-seated generosity of spirit. It was Mira who healed Ghet's soul after she resurrected Y'Roden, and the two have seen the darkest secrets of each other's hearts.



Despite the conflicts that have come from Bran being Silverthorn's brother, he and Ghet have always maintained an oddly gentle friendship. Since he helped his wife Mira heal Ghet's soul, the three have shared a light arohya bond, making them more open to each other's feelings.

Ghet and Bran




Shadow is a skilled thief with a wicked sense of humour.  Despite their apparent differences, Shadow is one of the few people Ghetsuhm can speak seriously with.

Things have been strained from time to time, but their friendship has endured. Shadow is Y'Roden's adopted daughter, and Shady and Ghet's mutual affection for him has become the main force that holds their friendship together.



It's largely down to Y'Roden that Ghet and Callan have become such good friends.When they first met, on the Lissė Nwalme, Ghet found him entertaining, but didn't trust him as far as she could spit him. These days, he's one of the first people she'd turn to in a crisis. He knows too much about her and Ro to be shut out.

He's still damn entertaining, and Ghet isn't entirely sure why she doesn't find him sexually attractive. 

Ghet and Callan




Ghetsuhm's son by Galain.  In a way.  Thanks to an accident early in her Starfleet career, Ghet couldn't have children.  Some time after her second marriage, squabbling gods caused Ghet's spirit to be transferred to the body of a Roman Vestal  Virgin.  Galain found her, and it never occured to either of them that the borrowed body wouldn't share her own immunity to Galain's little curse.  Marius was the result.

He was raised by the Vestal once she returned to her own body, and the husband Ghet acquired for her.  He never met either of his real parents until adulthood, when his mother's death sent him looking for answers.

Marius is the ultimate answer to the "nature versus nurture" debate.



In Ghet's mother's native tongue, "Rhagi" means "joy from pain".  It would be hard to find a more appropriate name for Ghet's second son.

Ghet was raped by the demon which occasionally possesses Y'Roden's body, and Rhagi was conceived.  Despite the trauma of the event, and the friction he caused in their respective marriages, Y'Roden and Ghet both adore their son.  He shared his time between Y'Roden's home in S'Hea, and Ghet's at Riker's, until his parents' marriage united the whole family in Nenlante.



Ghet and Galain's youngest child, conceived as a promise of faith between them.  Aarien was born in Alcarinque after Ghet and Galain returned to his family home, and she will be raised as an Elen.  She shuttles between Galain's home in Alcarinque, and Ghet's in Nenlante.

R'Avyen and Den'Ayat

Ghet and Y'Roden's youngest children. The twins were born as an attempt to secure a legitimate heir for S'Hea. The attempted genetic manipulation failed due to Ro's aggressive blood, and Ghet bore twins that were almost polar opposites. R'Avyen, the stronger, more aggressive child, is the Crown Prince of S'Hea.




Ghetsuhm's sister, and her worst enemy.  Jellhi's story is still evolving.  A drug addict and sensationalist, she made Ghetsuhm's life hell for many years, including sleeping with Chase, before she was badly injured and Ghetsuhm committed her to the care of a remote medical facility.  There she was kept in stasis and experimented on by a succession of medical directors for nearly a thousand years before she managed to escape and make her way to Berelath, where she met Galain's son Avathar.

These days, Ghet has no idea where Jellhi is, and prefers to pretend she doesn't exist.