Ghet and An'Thaya

from Shattered Web

Ghet moved away from Adarin and Bran quietly. She needed to be alone before she cracked. She made her way up the stairs of the tavern, not something she would normally have done in a building abandoned for over a century, found herself a dark and dirty room, curled in a corner and stared at the darkness. Her heart ached, and she longed for Galain to comfort her. He was still, after all this time, the only one who understood. All the old words, the old doubts, came flooding back at her. She was a mistake. Her love for Galain, the only thing that kept her alive, the only thing she had left to her, was wrong. It would have been so much easier if Y'Roden had just let her die. But no, even that would have been too late. She would still have seen the faces of her friends turn away in disgust.

She wept in near silence, despair eating at her. She wanted her husband. She wanted her son to be safe. She wanted her friends, she wanted to be loved. But there was nothing she wouldn't give up to keep Galain alive.

Forming a ball of handfire An'Thaya let it bobble up the staircase ahead of her, following the clear outline of Ghetsuhm’s boot prints on the way up. She sighed inwardly and followed them to their source, finding the other redhead curled up alone. She was silent for a moment; letting the light settle over the other woman and watching it play off the highlights of her hair. “I’m sorry Ghetsuhm… are you alright?”

Ghet sat up, slowly, while she tried to work out how she felt towards the other woman. So much pain, but was any of it really An'Thaya's fault? What finally got her, though, was the intense absurdity of the question. Dirty and tear-streaked and bruising up nicely, she looked up at An'Thaya and laughed shakily. "Oh yeah. Fine. Box of fluffies, me. But it's no more than I deserve, apparently." She shrugged, despair pushing at her mind. "Sorry."

The Amazon looked shocked for a moment, her face going completely blank, then she sighed and joined the other redhead on the floor. “Everyone is under a lot of stress,” she murmured, wrapping her arms around Ghet’s shoulders and kissing her temple, “it’s okay to fall apart. We are going to get Galain back; we are going to find Rhagi. Everything will be all right… it has to be. I’m sorry I lost it… it just… came as a shock, to say the least.” Soft fingers stroked the other woman’s face. “Let me heal that for you?”

Ghet sighed deeply and relaxed into An'Thaya's arms. "Um, no, actually, it's really not okay for me to fall apart." She took the other woman's hand away from her face and held it. "No, leave it. I'm not being a bitch, I think it might come in handy. There don't seem to be any bones broken. Lucky, I guess." She let the last of her anger go and hugged An'Thaya. "It's okay. It's nobody's fault."

That was the entire problem, there was no one to blame, not for the things that hurt in the long term. So everyone swallowed the pain, put on a smile, and moved on with his or her lives. “Alright, good… I mean that I didn’t break anything. Gods I’m tired… You should try getting some sleep too. Tomorrow, tomorrow we are getting our husband back, and killing Samara. I know it won’t be permanent, it never is with her, but it will feel good just trying.”

Samara. That was it. It was Samara's fault. Ghet nodded. "There's some stuff I need to think about, and then we need to talk about what we're going to do when we get there. But tomorrow will be soon enough. I've pissed her off in the past, it will be a distinct pleasure to do it again."

Tay managed to muster up a soft laugh as she simply made herself comfortable where she was. “That’s m’girl,” the Amazon murmured sleepily. “Night Ghet.”