A quick rundown of major stories Ghet has featured in, and their rough plotlines.

Talisman of Time

In love with Chase Ravenwolfe, Ghet goes in search of the legendary Talisman of Time, wanting to match her lifespan to his. Meanwhile, her ex-lover Dhajan sends her sister Jellhi in pursuit of it as well, and hires a mercenary to protect and then kill her - Chase.

Jellhi gets to the Talisman first, but is badly injured and the necklace is stolen by Dhajan's secret operative. He crashes on the planet Nendil, and the necklace is taken by a dragon, 'Lain. Now reunited, Ghet and Chase eventually track it down. Chase kills Dhajan, and the Talisman chooses to give itself to Ghet.


The Ludar Clan

Chase and Ghet travel in the lands of his people, the Ludar, along with Adaron Silverleaf. A prince of his people, the other Ludar pressure Chase to put Ghet aside and take a gypsy wife. He refuses, so some of the Ludar plot to discredit Ghet. She is attacked while bathing and nearly raped by Lee, before Chase interrupts and saves her. The couple marry again, in gypsy tradition.


Cross Over

Ghet accompanies Galain to the funeral of his mother Delanna. His father Gareth takes the chance to kill the King and take his place, pinning the murder on Galain. He takes and rapes An'Thaya, then gives her to Galain's son Avathar.

Believing An'Thaya to be dead, Galain bonds to Ghet. Both are captured attempting to smuggle Summerlin's children out of Alcarinque. Each believes they see the other killed, and Ghet goes mad. Galain is smuggled off to the Drow, Ghet given to Avathar, who rapes her repeatedly, with the assistance of her own sister. Y'Roden rescues her and nurses her back to health.

Galain realises Ghet is still alive and reactivates her bond. She returns to him, but then he finds An'Thaya is also alive, and leaves to rescue her. Ghet leaves while he's away. He pursues her and persuades her to go back to him, but she refuses to be faithful to him, and returns to Y'Roden as a lover.

Gareth, Saya, and Avathar are driven from Alcarinque and Adarin retakes the throne.



Y'Roden accidentally bonds to Rhiannon, and with a party including Ghet, they travel to the Crystal Keep to have the bond broken. Rhiannon is killed along the way while carrying Ro's child, and the child is transferred to Railen's wife Rani, who is also pregnant.

Samara uses the bond to home in on Y'Roden. She seduces Railen and sends him to kill Ghet and turn Ro. Ghet uses her Talent on Railen and drives him mad. 

Ghet kills Y'Roden to force Samara back into Tenobrous, and Shadow kills her physical form. Rani dies giving birth to Railen's child, who also dies, and Ro's baby is transferred to Saliyah.

Ghet and Sal go to see B'Rodyn, and Ghet resurrects Y'Roden. Meanwhile, Railen abducts Shadow, An'Thaya and Galain, and attempts to steal their magic. Ro, Sal, and Ghet attempt rescue, and Sal is killed.  Ghet and Ro take the child, Imoreki, to Riker's.


The Last Days of Pompeii

Ghet, Galain, and a large cast of others, find themselves on an alternate Earth, in Pompeii just before the eruption of Vesuvius. Ghet and Marion are trapped in the bodies of Vestal Virgins. Ghet sleeps with Galain and becomes pregnant.

Galain, Silverthorn, and others attempt to evacuate Pompeii, while Marion, Ghet, and Chase head for Rome to petition the Emperor for help. Ghet attracts the attention of the Emperor's illegitimate son Lucius, and the goddess Venus. In return for Ghet's allegiance, Venus makes Lucius fall in love with Ghet, and marry her, providing a father for the child and avoiding execution for breaking her vows.

The other party becomes trapped in caves near Pompeii, and Ghet and Lucius set out to rescue them. Pluto claims the others as his own, but Venus manages to negotiate a way out of it, and they are freed. Ghet returns to her own body, and some months later Marius is born back in Rome.


Blood Ties

Ghet is pregnant with Y'Roden's child, the result of the demon's rape. Silverthorn's mental state is degenerating due to the stress and memories of her own rape and the siring of Linnis. She forbids Y'Roden to be present at Rhagi's birth. Violent arguments ensue.

Ghet goes into labour, which goes badly, the child unwilling to come without his father. Silverthorn relents and Ro attends the birth. When he returns to Nenlante Silverthorn is suicidal. Peace is restored but the damage remains under the surface.


Shattered Web

Traditional enemies of the D'Riel clan, Tallin and Samara, invade Corin and S'Hea. Both kings are killed in the fighting. Samara abducts Fechine and Rhagi, as well as Mira's son and Yarwin and Rachel's twin boys. A rescue party heads to Tenobrous while allies assemble and battle to take back the kingdoms.

Nuuruhuine, Silverthorn's ancestral goddess, abducts her daughters from Nenlante, and a group sets out in pursuit. Meanwhile, Samara takes Galain, and An'Thaya loses her memory.

Ghet is captured and tortured during the rescue in Tenobrous, and Samara puts a Sandwyrm larva in her. Y'Roden is brought back from the war in Corin to remove it. Galain is torn between An'Thaya's precarious mental state and Ghet's physical, and cracks start to show in both marriages. An'Thaya gives herself to Haldanru in exchange for Fionna, and  Callan goes crazy. Thaya is eventually rescued by Chezlar.

Under Samara's influence, Galain stabs Ro with a blade tainted with Demon DNA, and Ro's demon gains physical form. It also skinwalks, taking Fadil's body and attacking several women before being returned to its proper place.

The children are recovered. Y'Roden and Silverthorn take the throne of S'Hea. Valin and Anaya marry, and ascend to the throne of Corin. Silverthorn becomes pregnant with B'Roden.


Laer Drae Sar'Da

An'Thaya has left Galain and is now Callan's wife and empress of the Diirlathe. The Keep is attacked by Nargus and his allies, and Callan is forced to call in help, including an Elen contingent. Ghet accompanies Galain onto the battlefield despite being pregnant with their daughter, Aarien. Marius proves himself in battle alongside the Elen and S'Hean rangers. Ghet saves the life of Daemonorel, and tries to help Linnis find some peace. Nargus's forces are finally defeated. Tensions remain very high between Callan and Galain.


Scorched Earth

S'Hea is poisoned, and those tied to the land become ill. An'Thaya is tied to the D'Riel emerald to keep her alive, Y'Roden chooses to divorce Silverthorn and die to keep the Demon from emerging. B'Rodyn is resurrected and takes back the S'Hean throne with his wife Gwen. People search for a cure, including Ghet, despite her own deteriorating condition. Melaina dies. Vanyalin is kidnapped by Tallin, and discovers he holds her previously unknown brother Galain prisoner. Both are rescued by Elandriil.

Ghet resurrects Y'Roden with the promise of marriage, but neither remembers and he returns her to Galain. Nearly destroyed by the effort, Ghet is revived by Mira and Bran. Marius and Foxx bond. Ill, Ghet goes into stasis to avoid dying.

Following a prophecy, a party from S'Hea goes through the Aethyr well and discovers a lost continent, as well as the answer to S'Hea's illness. Galain takes Ghet to S'Hea and she is cured. A confrontation with Y'Roden reveals some of the truth, and Ghet flees to Inligh to reassess her life. On her return, she divorces Galain, marries Y'Roden, and the pair ascend the S'Hean throne.


Ghost in the Machine

Rediscovered by the TIF, Ghet agrees to help Tilye Theris investigate what happened on an abandoned space station. Gathering a group from Riker's, including Helen and Anaya, they find a psychically active entity which has been driving the inhabitants insane. Gradually, the party fall under its influence, experiencing hallucinations and irritability that escalates to violence.


Hell's Fire

Taking advantage of anti-S'Hean resentment, Tallin persuades some of the lords of Corin into rebellion against Valin. An assassination attempt against the king is nearly successful, and Anaya is kidnapped and believed dead.

Meanwhile, Ghet and Y'Roden try to manage an arranged marriage involving Ro's son Y'Roce, and Ghet investigates the possibility of safely conceiving a child. Believing they can eliminate Ro's demon genes, the couple conceive twins, only to discover their solution hasn't entirely worked and one of the babies is carrying the genes.

Despite a difficult pregnancy, Ghet births the twins successfully. Free of obvious defects despite his genes, R'Avyen becomes Crown Prince of S'Hea. Valin dies, and Gardor Wyvern takes over as Regent of Corin.


Cracked Mirror

Ghet and Y'Roden finally bond. Due to the damage in both souls, they form a soul-merge, unbreakable. While they're still adjusting to the changes, there is an 'accident' with one of the gate portals in Corin, and Y'Roden swaps places with his counterpart from an alternate dimension.