Y'Roden's Stories

Loosing the Beast - Rhagi's Conception

His hand shot out, wrapping around Ghet's tiny wrist with a grip of iron. A smile twisted his lips as he yanked the redhead forward, her slight weight landing on his chest. A low growl rumbled out of Demon as the wounds on his back were driven into the cold table, his eyes flashing with the pleasure of it. "Oh no.... I DO know you. I know things about Ghetsuhm Riker Alcarin she would keep even from her husband." His free hand lifted, caressed her cheek, leaving a bloody trail on her soft skin.

"I know all the things you blame yourself for, but would never change. I know you crave pain, you need it as badly as the air you breathe. I even know you like your coffee with one and a half sugars.... " His fingers tangled into Ghet's thick red hair, yanking her mouth up to his, kissing her hard, then biting into her lip hard enough to draw blood. A taste he knew well.... it burned on his tongue, sweet.... heady.... unforgettable.

 The words he spoke hurt her, shamed her. She didn't keep secrets from her husband, she couldn't. But there were things they didn't talk about. And gods, she might be able to differentiate between this creature and Y'roden, but Galain wasn't going to, not if he hurt her. There was a tiny edge of panic as she closed off her end of their bond, but only a little. She'd got through to Ro in this state before. She was just a little afraid of what might happen before she managed it this time. It wouldn't be too bad, but she still didn't want to have to explain it to Galain.

Then he forced his kiss on her, and the panic stepped up a gear. She wasn't strong enough to fight him off, not nearly, even without his weight on top of her. She fought against him anyway, trying to pull her head out of his grasp. The pain, the blood in her mouth... two parts of her essential personality warred. She was terrified of being raped again. She loved the pain. Gods, she loved the pain, and he knew it. He would use it against her with a cruelty Ro would never have dreamed of.

She got her mouth away, though her hair screamed with the pain of it, and made herself look in his eyes. "Ro, please. Please don't do this. I know you're in there. Let me finish healing you, and we'll just let this go. No-one has to know."

But through it all, her heart raced, her senses filled with the scent. Y'roden, and blood. It was a hell of a mix, and she didn't know how long she could hold out. 

Cold laughter met her panic, nothing but the cold unfeeling wall of the Demon meeting the terrified gaze of those denim blue eyes. "Y'Roden isn't here," he said calmly, "He can't hear you." He twisted, a juxtaposition, slamming Ghet onto the table, her body sliding in the lake of blood he left behind. The Demon had felt her close off the bond, even if it was just a little... it was a victory. A bright emerald light shone from behind his blood red eyes. Not Ro.... he was too far gone, it was the conduit in operation, opening, reflecting her thoughts and feelings back, blocking the bond to Galain completely.

"You're right... no one has to know." His hands were heavy on her waist, a gradual pressure that bent her ribs, filled with promise.

Suddenly he drew back, standing, yanking the redhead to her feet. He let go of her, leaving her leaning heavily the bed. "Take it off," he ordered, gesturing to the dress. He didn't touch her... he didn't have to.

NO! Somewhere, deep in the recesses of the Demon's mind, he was trapped. STOP! GODS! PLEASE STOP! His screams went unheeded, his struggles to regain control easily waved aside by the Demon. NO! NOT HER! NEVER HER! YOU PROMISED! This couldn't be happening... utterly terrified Ro was sure the Demon meant to kill Ghet. Why had he come here? He should have just died where he was.... But no.. Silverthorn.... Oh gods.... 

That was when Ghet really started to be afraid. Ro wasn't there, not close enough to reach. It was just her and this maniac, and that changed everything. Whatever she did now, it was to increase her chances of survival. That was all that mattered. Anything she had to do to keep herself alive and sane, she would do, even if that meant locking a part of herself away and worse, letting another part of herself out.

If she pleased him, appeased him, surely he was less likely to kill her. But still, she was afraid. She knew it, he knew it, he liked it.

Nobody has to know. That hadn't been what she'd meant, but that was how it had to be. She'd die of shame if anyone knew about this. She reached to the side of her dress and undid the ties there, losing the last feeble protection she'd had as the wet fabric hit the floor. She hugged her arms across her breasts, an odd posture for a woman who'd never been ashamed of her body. His eyes on her made her feel sick. "Please. What do you want from me?"

"You know what I want," the answer slid easily from his tongue, crimson eyes burning as they raked over Ghet's form. "I've been locked away too long... and you, you are the perfect playmate." He grabbed her hard with hands that had so often touched her gently... lovingly. He kissed her viciously with a mouth that had placed feathery kisses on her flesh... that had worshipped her and spoken words of undying love.

Lifting the redhead from her feet he set her on the table, forcing her legs apart, moving to stand between them as he fisted his hand in Ghet's hair, yanking her head back. His mouth came down hard on hers, bruising... unmerciful. Hard fingers gripped her waist, squeezing hard, snapping a rib.

Godsdammit NO! In full panic mode Y'Roden grasped for the only thing he could. The conduit. Twisting, desperate, he turned it onto himself. I'd rather die.... and you're coming with me.

The Demon staggered for a moment, a snarl of rage ripping from his chest, wavering. Emerald leaked through the crimson, gazed at Ghet for a pleading moment before the beast regained control, slamming Y'Roden back. The struggle for the conduit was brief, leaving Ro helpless once more.

"He loves you," laughter rang in Ghetsuhm's ears, "He does you know, he'd die before he let me hurt you. Which makes this all the more entertaining. Now... please me... and I may let you live." 

The moment he touched her again, Ghet began to cry, silent, hopeless tears. He was hurting her so much, and he'd only just begun. She gasped in pain and shame when her rib broke, but the reaction was too deep, instinctual, too powerful from its long denial, and her legs opened more easily than they should.

He pulled back, away, and she had a surge of wild hope. He was there after all, Y'roden, and he wouldn't let this happen to her. She saw him, breaking through, saw his pain. She would have called his name, but when she breathed in, the broken rib pressed against a lung, and the pain took her voice. And then it was over. The demon was back in control and it was going to extract the full price from her.

If she fought, if she resisted, one of two things would happen. Y'roden would die, or she would. Neither alternative was acceptable. There was a time she would have said that there were worse things than death, and this would have been firmly in that category, but that was before Galain. Now, she'd suffer anything to stay alive. If she pleased him, he might let her live. And who knew, the release of the violence might give Ro a better chance of getting back in control. She had to do it, she had no choice. She had to become complicit in her own rape.

She shut her eyes hard for a moment, choking back a sob, and stopped the tears. And she took the sane part of her mind, and shoved it hard away in a corner. She was capable of liking this, and that was the only thing that would stop her going mad. The shame and betrayal, the grief and humiliation, that would have to wait until later. But gods, this was so much worse than lying back and just letting him rape her. Now he violated her will, her spirit.

She opened her eyes and sat forward, rubbing her breasts against his chest, as her hand slid down between his legs to caress him. Her nails dug into the sensitive flesh and dragged, even as her teeth closed on his nipple.

And inside, her soul began to scream. 

He would never forgive himself for this. If Ro could have, he would have wept. His own screams were deafening, but not nearly as painful as Ghet's tears. He had seen.... for that brief moment, the agony in her eyes. Though deeply buried he could still feel his body's pain, and the pleasure... and to his eternal shame, some small part of him enjoyed it.

Well pleased the Demon growled out its delight, leaned into the pain Ghet offered him. This body had belonged to him alone for eight hundred years, many of the scars were his.... marks of dark pleasure, rewards from Samara. Ignoring the half-elf within he made his demands of the redhead, trading agony and pleasure in kind, slowly breaking her, bending her body to his will.

He'd not take her yet ... he simply drove her mad. Eventually there would come a point when Ghet would snap, and beg for her own damnation. In the meantime, fingers dug into tender flesh, breaking, scratching, bleeding. Teeth dragged over her, penetrating the epidermis, tasting salty skin and coppery blood. It was all sweet music, a tune he played on her body, a cadence of breaking bones and well orchestrated screams. She was a wonder.... a true treasure.

Ghet let herself scream in pain now. She knew he liked the screams, and there was nothing she could really do to stop it, anyway. There was too much pain; she was lost in a madness of snapping bone and torn, aching flesh. After a while, she realised he was in no hurry to bring it to an end. If he didn't take her... it already felt like it had gone on forever.

The demon elf had iron control. And unless she made him lose that control, this would never stop. He could just go on torturing her. She'd already lost all track of how long she'd been in here. She took a deep, shuddering breath, regardless of how much pain that sent through her shattered chest. And then she did it. She pushed her body up into his hands, willing him to hurt her more. And she filled his ears with the things he wanted to hear, her begging, pleading for him to utterly possess her.

She had to make it end, while she still had the shreds of her sanity.

 The real torture began in earnest then. The Demon dragged Ghet to the floor, using the Aethyr to slowly mend her broken bones and tattered flesh, only to break and rend her open again. He forced himself between her thighs, driving into her mercilessly. Her screams brought gasps of pleasure from his lips... he possessed her completely.

Part of Y'Roden died. It was all he could do not to just give up, to let his consciousness drift into nothing... like a wisp of smoke on the wind. It would have been a kind mercy to a soul that had lived in darkness most of its life, that had known only horrors when there should have been magic and light. Ro was who he was though, and he wouldn't let go, not out of any sense of self preservation. No... if he let go, the Demon would win. It would kill Ghet, and then systematically hunt down anyone else that had ever meant anything to the Prince of Corin.

The Demon was losing its hold, the pleasure it was taking in Ghet's body breaking down its control. A spark of emerald leaked through the Crimson ... too late... too late.

Ghet was gone. Her mind had retreated, a primal infant shattered thing curled in upon itself, whimpering. What was left was just a body, a mindless animal. She shut her eyes tight so she didn't have to look at what was taking her. There was a time in her life when she hadn't cared who or what drove the flesh that possessed her, as long as there was pleasure. And there was; sick, twisted, insane pleasure, delight in the terrible force tearing her apart.

She reached behind him and forced her fingers into one of the wounds on his back, ripping it open. Her body was beginning to peak, a long wave of mindless pleasure overwhelming her. She growled and pulled him harder against her. She wanted it over, yes, but she also wanted... this.

The pain was exquisite, and the Demon howled in delight. It also slipped and Ro pushed forward, hard, forcing his way to the surface. His eyes were a riot of emerald and crimson and he struggled for both control, and to stop what was happening. "Ghet! Ghettie stop! Gods please!" He almost had it for a moment, almost managed to get a grip... but the pain eased, and the Demon tried to slam him back down again. The body that housed them both shuddered, on the edge of release and his voice caught between the demon's snarl of pleasure and a sob.

In a way, it was the worst thing that could have happened. Ro's voice took away her defences, and then she was wholly there, in the pain and the absolute horror. "Ro! Gods, no..." It was ridiculous, but she didn't want him to see her like this, to know what he was doing to her. She didn't know whether it was better or worse when he disappeared again, but at least she had some hope now. If it could just be over... She bit him. "Do it, you bastard. Just finish it."

The Demon lost it, shoving deeper into her body, Ghet's pelvic bone shattering under the sheer brutality of it. Ro was still right there, but he could not have been more helpless. Gods.. he was hurting her ... and he was betraying his wife. The half-elf forced himself through, the scream his this time as he desperately tried to stop his body, but it was too late. His seed mixed with her blood, flooding into her body unchecked as he spasmed helplessly. Enraged he turned inwards, forcefully grabbing the conduit and ensnaring the hysterically laughing demon, forcing it back into the depths of his soul. Y'Roden's head dropped onto Ghet's shoulder, tears falling hot on her skin as he wept. "I'm sorry... oh gods Ghettie.."

And then he felt it, the spark within her body... the creation of life. "NO... no... no.. Gods no..."

It wasn't a rescue. It was dropping from one hell into another. Now she lay, spent and broken, naked and bloody, under Y’roden. They'd done so well in salvaging a friendship from the wreckage of their old love, and now... gods, he was still inside her. Shame swept through her, and she too began to weep. But she could feel how badly he hurt. "Ro. I know, I know... It wasn't your fault." At least he had an excuse. He hadn't been there through most of it. She'd just been Ghet. There was no division in her soul to excuse her betrayal, of Galain, of Silverthorn, but most of all, of Y'roden.

She could feel hysteria rising inside her. She couldn't bear his touch, and yet it was the only comfort she had. She couldn't hide any longer. She reached out and touched her husband's soul. She had meant merely to reassure herself, but she could not keep it back. Her pain and her misery flooded through. She had no idea there was more to come. "Y'roden, please, can you get off me?"

Y’Roden’s body tensed as he came to his senses somewhat, realizing he was still connected to her. His face was red as he slowly withdrew from her, “I’m sorry,” he whispered. It was then that he got a full view of her body, his face going pale as he saw what the demon had done. Gods... he couldn’t leave her like that. Despite the fact that he was about to drop from loss of blood and stabbing pain, Ro lay hesitant, healing hands on her. The rips and tears rent their way through his flesh, the pop of bone pushing at him from inside. He barely felt it, and refused to meet her gaze, terrified that she would read what he knew. Ghetsuhm had never wanted children, and certainly not one of his. He had just damned her to another hell.

The half-elf’s mind began to shut down, a slow progression that would surely lead to madness. “You should have left me in my casket,” he said hoarsely, “You were all better off.”