Y'Roden's Stories

Crossing the Line - Lovers

Ghet lost all capacity for rational thought. She was quite simply blown away by this world she had never been exposed to before. It was beautiful, and literally power-full.

Power had never held temptations for her. She was quite sure that, given enough power, she would simply screw up on a massive scale. She also knew of others that didn't share her reservations.

She felt a shadow of regret as Y'roden returned them. It was not something she would see again. Her skin felt alive with electricity, her hair was floating around her head. She pulled Y'roden close to her, and tempered her joy for a moment. "I understand."

She thought she had been gifted beyond her expectations to find one man she could love. Now she knew there were three.


In Y'roden's view the Aethyr plane paled in comparison to the look in Ghetsuhm's eyes at that moment. He had never seen anything quite like it, and the Prince had an intense fear all of a sudden that he never would again. His heart constricted in his chest and he sucked in a breath of air... She could not have said anything to him that would have moved him more, or that might have held more meaning.

She was absolute perfection, and it took every ounce of control the elf had not to lay her back and take her right then and there. But he had promised... no pushing.... no pressuring.... she was a married woman and he didn't have the right. "You make it all pale in comparison," he said softly, "You make the shadows go away." He kissed her softly for a moment before he managed to tear himself away with a strangled groan.


His words brought tears to her eyes. She took his kiss gratefully, wanting more.When he tore himself away, she knew she was hurting him.

She knew if she kept on seeing him like this, one day they would slip. She didn't want to stop seeing him. He was so unlike her husband; there were things she could say to Y'roden she could never say to anyone else. He made her laugh.

She could very easily love him. All she would have to do was let go.

Was it too late? She reached out a hand to him, brushed his arm. "Y'roden. Please." Tears spilt down her cheeks now. "Don't love me. If you love me you will die. Oh gods, I..." It was useless to tell him she hadn't meant it to happen. And she hadn't entirely meant it to not happen, either. With a sob, she wound her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers. She had never been able to withstand pain.

"Lisse cale," Y'roden breathed, "I think I'm in more danger of dying if I don't." Gathering her into his arms he held her close, breathing in the soft scent of Ginseng as he kissed the top of her head. "Please don't cry.... It's much too late to ask me not to love you.... it was too late the first time I saw you smile."

Letting out a ragged sigh he tightened his grip on her for a moment, "The word love once met something very different to me.... I never quite understood what it really meant until I met you." Tilting her chin with gentle fingers he managed a smile as their eyes met, "You give me hope, that there might still be the strength in me to drive out the darkness.... For a man that has never truly known the light.. that's an incredible gift."

His fingers traced the soft skin of her cheek, lingering on her lips as he struggled for words. "You brought laughter back into my life, geniune heartfelt laughter. You taught me that I can touch a woman and feel pleasure without pain... I trust you with what is in my heart and thoughts..." He trailed off.. realizing his words were not helping the situation any. "I don't mean to cause you pain Ghetsuhm... tell me to leave you alone and I will... if it's what you really want....what you really need.... then tell me to walk away."


From his first words she was no longer thinking, only feeling. How could she resist such words. She kissed his fingers as they brushed over her lips. "There is darkness in me, too, my love. And there is such strength in you, I can feel it." Her head was absolutely spinning. She could not think. She only wanted. "I don't want you to leave. I just want you." She drew a deep shuddering breath and raised her face to be kissed. 


He had been waiting to hear her say those words for a very long time and for a moment he closed his eyes, letting the reality of them sink in. The tone in which she had inflected love caused his heart to pound, and his entire body reacted to those four little words I just want you...

He opened his eyes, and found himself staring down into depthless denim blue pools. All sense of propriety he once had flew out the window as he slid his hand into Ghet's hair at the nape of her neck, supporting her head as he bent to kiss her. Her lips tasted of brandy, and the contact set off a spark in his body that made his head spin.

His arm tightened around her waist as he drew her closer, suddenly crushing her to his chest as a surge of adrenaline raced through his veins.

He kissed her and she knew, her own wildness was breaking out. Would it frighten or delight him to find her so full of fire? Well, she had no choice in the matter any more. A low growl escaped her throat as she pulled off his shirt. Still kissing him, she propelled him towards his bed, intent on removing the eight-inch height difference and get herself some decent access.

Y'roden found himself growling in return when Ghet pulled back, an almost feral look in his emerald eyes as he pulled her forward again, nearly tearing her shirt as he pulled it from her shoulders. He let her push him back on the bed and sitting just on the edge he drew her forward between his legs, hands firm on her waist as he gazed up at her with a slightly glazed look.

"Indonya," the word was barely audible, he seemed to have forgotten how to breathe. His lips brushed over her stomach in feathery kisses and he let his hands slide up to cup her breasts, "Eru nis." His hands dropped her waist, lifting her off her feet as he fell onto his back. He held her up for a moment, watching her red locks tumble around her face before he lowered her onto his chest, groaning as her warm skin came in contact with his. Tangling his fingers in her hair her drew her head down and kissed her feverishly, sure he was quite losing his mind.

It was hands on her breasts that drove away the last of her control, as it so often was. She let out a ragged groan as he pulled her down, surrounding his head entirely with her hair as she kissed him fervently, pressing her chest into his.

She wrenched her mouth from his and began to work her way down his body, biting his chest hard. She ran little nipping kisses down his stomach as her hands worked to free him from his pants.

Y'roden found himself completely at Ghet's mercy, and discovered he rather liked it. For the first time in several millenia he gave over control. His back arched and he gasped as she nipped her way down his body, growling a bit when she crossed over the ragged scar on his abdomen.

She pulled herself away from adoring Y'roden's body for long enough to get rid of the last of her clothes. She walked around his bed, conscious of his eyes on her body, lay down, stretched out, and pulled him into her arms. She kissed him, glorying in the feeling of his bare skin against hers. "Y'roden," she breathed, running her hands down his back. And then, barely audible even for him, "Please..."

He was quite positive he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life, and it took several moments for it to register in his brain that she was giving herself to him. Sweeter words were never spoken.....

His hand touched her hip, drawing a slow line to her softness as he lowered his head to kiss her, his fingers wreaking a slow torment on her, and then within her. He savoured the moment, waiting to take her until her body arched in release. Settling his weight between her thighs he worshipped her body with questing hands before he entered her, something between a gasp and a groan ripping from his chest as he claimed her.

Ghet drew Y'roden deeper into her body, wrapping her legs around his. She had tortured him long enough before they'd started this, and now she encouraged him to abandon all control, to find his completion in her as aggressively as he wished, confident her passion was a match for his. His hands had driven her completely over the line, and her only wish was to take him over, too.

What seemed an eternity of desire and unexpressed emotion came tumbling together, if it is ever possible to be both rough and tender at once the Prince of Corin managed it. A bittersweet surge of joy was his in knowing Ghet belonged to him for just this short time, he took what she was willing to give with a hunger he had never felt before.

The moment came all too soon in his mind when he warmed her body with his seed, control wrenched from him by his overwhelming need for her. He didn't want it to end.... selfish of him perhaps, but the heart has a mind of its own.


Ghetsuhm experienced a moment of pure triumph as Y'roden filled her. She had given him an instant of happiness: she only wished it could be more.

She expired beside him, and gave him a smile of pure bliss. She leaned over and kissed him gently on the mouth. She wanted to lie here and stroke his hair and not worry about anything.

How long would it be before someone missed her? Hell, no-one would think of looking for her here, right? She would be safe for a while, and even if she wasn't, she couldn't just leave. Well, she didn't want to.