A rough outline of the order of events in Ghetsuhm's life, and where the stories that are incorporated in her timeline fall.  Ages after 33 are rough approximations and may not gel with other people's timelines, in which case  the other timeline takes precedence.  Ghet's just not good with time...

birth       - born on the planet Primavaera, a TIF outpost

15yrs      - family moves to Earth and settles in San Fransisco

17yrs      - goes awol.  Rape of Jellhi.

18yrs      - Enters TIF Academy

21yrs      - Graduates.  First post as Ensign under Captain Karel.

23yrs      - reactor accident leaves Ghet infertile.

24yrs      - joins TIF diplomatic corps 

28yrs      - death of Andrel.  Breakdown.  Retreat to Turhanja.

31yrs      - leaves Turhanja.  "Posting" to Berelath   Journey of the Heart

32yrs      - Enters House of Elf.    Musketelves, Kusanar Tanaii

               - Meets Chase Ravenwolfe  Talisman of Time

35yrs      - becomes engaged 

38yrs      - marries Chase.

500yrs    - The Ludar Clan

550yrs    - becomes Y'Roden's lover.  Takes a piece of his soul.

780yrs    -  begins affair with Galain

1000yrs  - becomes Galain's bondmate   Cross Over

               - divorce from Chase

1099yrs  - Ghet kills Y'Roden and ressurects him.  Fragments

                - conception of Marius   The Last Days of Pompeii

                - alliance with the goddess Venus

 1100yrs   - breakup with Y'roden

  on          - formal marriage to Galain

                - Ro's S'Hean blood starts to change Ghet's biology

1125yrs   - raped by Ro's demon.  Conception and birth of Rhagi

                - Ro gives Ghet the demon's name.     Blood Ties

1130yrs   - abduction of Rhagi by Samara    Shattered Web

                - Samara puts a sandwyrm larva in Ghet, removed by Ro

1132yrs   - collaring by Galain

1133yrs   - breakup of Galain and An'Thaya. 

                - conception and birth of Aarien   Laer Drae Sar'Da

1136yrs   - becomes ill through the bond to S'Hea   Scorched Earth

                - resurrects Y'Roden

                - breaks up with Galain

                - marries Y'Roden and becomes Queen of S'Hea

1138yrs   - conceives Den'Ayat and R'Avyen   Hell's Fire  

1139yrs   - soul-merge with Y'Roden    Cracked Mirror

                - Ravyel and Y'Roden are swapped

                - Ghet goes into the alternate dimension to retrieve Ro

1142yrs    -  Ghet's conduit opens    The Awakening

                 - Tallin kidnaps Ghet and holds her in the past

 1143yrs   - Jellhi kidnaps Aarien and gives her to Vesta    Dark Weavings

 1144yrs    - Conception of Be'Liene    The Quickening/Lineage

                 - Rhagi leaves for the TIF Academy