The Talisman of Time

The Tailsman Of Time

The most important thing Ghetsuhm owns, the legendary Talisman of Time prevented her from aging, in the days before Ro's blood made it unnecessary. The Talisman is a tricky thing which seems to have a mind of its own, and can change size and shape if need be.

These days, the Talisman is completely embedded under the skin of Ghet's chest and cannot be removed.


The Sword of Power

Sword of Power

Ghetsuhm successfully challenged the remarkably silly Keepers of the Labyrinth to win the sword of power, proving her prowess at seducing mummies and slaying icky plant things trying to eat Uncle Galain...


The Fragment

Not really a possession, but a gift of a magnitude Ghetsuhm never felt she deserved.  Ghetsuhm had a tiny piece of Y'roden's soul, embedded in her own.  This was his gift to her when they became lovers, and marked the fact that they understood each other uniquely.

When they parted ways, Ro took the Fragment back. It couldn't have been any other way, and yet she misses it still.


The Babelfairy

A gift from Y'roden that allows Ghetsuhm to understand Elvish, interpreting and at the same time enhancing her own ability to learn the language.


The Dragon Shirt

Acquired during a Musket-elves adventure, this shirt is spelled to allow Ghet to turn into Geth, a small and very stupid gold dragon.