Chase Ravenwolfe


You brought a mask, I put it on

You never thought to ask me

If I wear it when you're gone...

Half-elf, half human, raised as a gypsy, Chase was different from any other man Ghet had ever known.  Cold and hard on the outside, seemingly unfeeling, she longed to know what went on inside him.

It was lust at first sight, of course, but there were a number of obstacles to be overcome:

Then she noticed the man who had just marched into the hall. You couldn't not notice him. Well, she couldn't. Child of the wind that she was, there was something about the tall, dark, brooding warrior that attracted her. Still, he didn't have to be so churlish. Tall, dark, and dangerous could still be charming if it felt so inclined. She leaned closer to Grannon. "Who is that man? Do you know him?"

Ghetsuhm had sworn never to let another man love her.  She believed herself incapable of loving one man.  He believed her incapable of loving a half-bred mercenary.  And for a long time, he refused to take what she offered, considering her to belong to her lover Mark.

But how long can a man resist that?

Chase eased one arm about her waist, pulled her close, with his other hand he cupped her face, gently turning it upward towards him.
"No regrets sweet stuff." He murmured then lowered his head taking her mouth in a gentle kiss. He again swept her up and held her for a brief moment close to his chest then laid her upon the bed. Chase followed her down, marveling at the softness of her skin, the sweet fragrance of her hair, her beauty which stole his breath. His eyes darkened as his desire grew.

In the process of gaining the Talisman of time, after a number of shouting matches and some, well, sulking, the truth came out.

Ghetsuhm didn’t stand a chance against his size or strength and he used both deliberately and unapologetically. Their clothes were scattered through the room, as he continued on towards the bed. 

He didn’t take her, but instead began a long drawn out process of worship. Eventually he worked his way back up her now trembling body, again pressing against her, letting her feel the strength of his desire before his coal black eyes captured her beautiful denim blue ones. “Tell me to go.” He whispered as he lowered his head, teasing her with soft kisses. “Tell me you don’t want me, you don’t want what we have together…..Tell me you don’t love me….” He took her mouth and pushed against her then stopped. “I…..” He breathed against her lips “love..."
Chase said no more as he realized suddenly, he WAS in love, with her, only her, the forever love. Suddenly terror filled him. What if she truly didn’t love him?

She stroked the muscles of his arm. She was about to throw herself in so deep... "I can't... You must know..." Only of course he didn't. "I want you. Forever. Dammit, that's why I'm here. I want the chance to love you. Will you let me?"
She'd never been more vulnerable in her life. 

Chase's wedding ringGhetsuhm's engagement and wedding rings


While Chase called Ghetsuhm "sweet stuff", early in their relationship, he christened her "Quicksilver", a name she always loved.  After all, mercury is pretty, expensive, unpredictable, and if you play with it for too long you go mad...

Quicksilver and Chase

They married, and their marriage survived many hardships, not least their continual separations.   They were married for over a thousand years, and he forgave her more things than she ever realised he knew about.  There was one thing, however, that he could not forgive...

Their love is a distant and almost incomprehensible memory for Ghet now.

No Regrets

Tell me a story
Where we all change
And we'd live our lives together
And not enstranged

I didn't lose my mind it was
Mine to give away
Couldn't stay to watch me cry
You didn't have the time
So I softly slip away...

No regrets they don't work
No regrets they only hurt
Sing me a love song
Drop me a line
Suppose it's just a point of view
But they tell me I'm doing fine

Remember the photographs 
The ones where we all laugh 
We were having the time of our lives
Well thank you it was a real blast

Everything I wanted to be every
Time I walked away
Everytime you told me to leave
I just wanted to stay
I loved the way we used to laugh
I loved the way we used to smile
Often I sit down and think of you
For a while


Every time you looked at me and
Everytime you smiled
I felt so vacant you treat me like a child
I loved the way we used to laugh
I loved the way we used to smile
Often I sit down and think of you
For a while
Then it passes by me and I think of
Someone else instead
I guess the love we once had is
Officially dead