Ghetsuhm is the daughter of Wilhem, a xeno-archaeologist, and Collaine, a holo-novelist.  She was raised on various planets where her father had digs, experiencing many different cultures. When she was a teenager, the family returned to Earth, settling in San Francisco.  Ghetsuhm and her sister Jellhi left home and entered the city's underworld.  Their experiences culminated in the kidnap and rape of both girls, whereupon Ghetsuhm fled to the Terran Interstellar Fleet Academy.

Her career was distinguished, in part because of her influence on her superior officers.  Starting in anthropology, she enjoyed success as a diplomat, because her upbringing meant she was free from any cultural prejudices. Eventually, this stage of her life ended as badly as the last.  Her colleague and lover Andrel, knowing she didn't love him and had other lovers, committed suicide.  She fled the Fleet and headed for Turhanja, the homeworld of her mother's people, where she was taught the Ways of Joy, and healed.  She determined, though, that she would never hurt another as she had hurt Andrel, and she would never allow another to fall in love with her.


Ghetsuhm is a competant fighter, both with the beam weapons she was originally trained to use, and with the twin shortswords she picked up later.  She has no love for combat, and will avoid it if she can, which doesn't mean she's not agressive when pushed.  She will only fight to protect others. She is physically strong for her build, and trained in unarmed combat and the use of pressure points.

Part of the training her mother's people gave her has given her an unusual and occasionally quite handy ability.  Ghetsuhm can sense emotions as vibrations in the air.  Each emotion can be distinguished in force and type by the strength and frequency of the vibrations.  She can not sense emotions in people, or read people's hearts.  In exceptional circumstances, Ghetsuhm can also change the nature of the emotional vibrations of an area.  This is a rare ability requiring both detachment, and the capacity to feel and project very strong emotion.  The process is extremely draining and leaves her vulnerable to influence and physically ill, so it is not just for moral reasons that Ghet will  almost never do this.

Through her bondings to Y'Roden and Galain, Ghet has learned to use both S'Hean and Elen magic.  She lost her S'Hean abilities after parting from Ro, but his blood in her veins ensured they returned, along with the need to return to S'Hea to ground herself.  She can cast portals, create basic items, and use balefire.

Ghet has received Venus' Blessing.  The goddess considers her an accolyte.  Ghet bears the mark of a dove at the very top of her thigh, which burns when the power is used.  The Blessing is like a Siren call, which Ghet cannot entirely control.  Basically, she becomes powerfully sexually attractive to people who can see her.