Ghetsuhm is a character who has grown and evolved a life of her own.  She started as nerd-bait at the SciFi Vine, and has grown into a woman with remarkable depth.  I would like to thank the writers of the following characters for helping with this process, for their art and their writing, and most of all  for their friendship.

Galain Alcarin

Y'Roden D'Riel

Foxxfire Evenstar

Brandubh Badb Catha

Mira Blackthorn

Helena Mars Corinth

Shadow Silverleaf

Catherine Rain Alcarin

Marion Seften-Khor

Railen Rosseverin

Mark Darklighter

Xavyer Shalon

Zara Jade


I am indebted to Cris for keeping Y'Roden, Galain, and Ghet's timelines straight, and to Sena for keeping track of the torturous family trees.

These days, Ghetsuhm is written solely at 



Most of all, though, I would like to thank my partner, who is responsible both for this site and for the graphics which have made Ghetsuhm the beautiful, sexy, real woman she is.  None of this would be possible without him.

Ghet's face and body are (usually) those of Stacy E. Walker. Her portrait is the work of Kay Allen (Kallen).

Illustration on the 'Lain and Ghet page is "Golden Lover" by Julie Bell.

Graphic of Ghet and Ro on Y'Roden's page is by Ro's writer, as is the scarab tattoo picture on the Markings page.

Uncredited song lyrics are by the Sisters of Mercy.

Y'Roden D'Riel is Alec Baldwin, and Galain Alcarin is Brad Pitt.

Marius Agrippa is David Beckham.  Rhagi D'Riel is Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco.  Aarien Alcarin is Denise Ramsay. Den'Ayat D'Riel is Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco.

Supplementary BDSM graphics are courtesy of